What is Small World Sensory Play?

As parents we are constantly evolving, learning and trying to work out what is best for our kids. In the parenting world it’s quite common to hear talk and chatter about different things that we have no idea about. Sensory play and small world play were once these things to us. However, once we delved into exploring what these ‘play’ was all about, we became engrossed in planning and putting together activities to engage our children, enriching their playtime. So, what is the hype about sensory and small world play? Keep reading ...


What is Small World Sensory Play?

Sensory play is when children engage in activities that ignite their senses (smell, sight, sound, touch, taste) to investigate and learn about the world around them.

Small world play is when children role play and create real or fantasy worlds in familiar settings with miniature toys or props.

Not only is sensory and small world play fun and captivating, but when combined together, it provides wonderful ways to open up a world of exploration, play, imagination and creativity for children. 


L: Autumn Small world sensory play using the Epic Kits Ferocious Fire sensory base
M: Nature soups using the Epic Kits Fizz ‘n’ Foam powder
R: Space Small World sensory play using the Epic Kits Space Nebula sensory base 

Benefits Of Small World Sensory Play

In the first few years, children learn through their senses and make connections by representing familiar situations, scenarios and environments symbolically, visually and through their play. Embracing open ended and structured play, such as sensory small world play has many proven benefits, which is fundamental in the development of little ones. Some of which include:

  • Promoting brain development through the creation of neural connections as little ones explore and experience their surrounding world
  • The development of fine motor skills as they scoop, pour, transfer, grasp, move etc. which helps to strength the muscles in the hands, wrists and fingers
  • Building up the tolerance of different sensory sensations
  • Supporting the formation of cognitive skills such as problem solving, learning about cause and effect, mathematical concepts
  • Aiding language development as they learn, implement, absorb vocabulary to communicate and express what they are doing
  • Calming anxious or frustrated children as they play mindfully and are interested in what they are doing
  • Promoting creativity and imagination


L: Rainbow small world sensory play using the Epic Kits Rainbow sensory base
M: Painting kits featuring the Epic Kits Snowy Mountains DIY kit
R: Dinosaur sensory small world play using Epic Kits Jungle Fever Sensory Base and Volcano DIY small world background


Our aim at Epic Kits is to provide accessories and kits for children to enrich their sensory small world play. We endeavour to support you as parents in providing sustainable engaging products that help your children explore, play, imagine and create and most of all have FUN!

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