Play Ideas



  • Insert felt balls into the cutouts.
    • Helps to build concentration skills.
    • Develops hand eye coordination.
    • Use tongs to pick up objects to insert into the holes.
      • Builds and strengthens small muscles in the hands that are required for things such as holding a pencil and writing.
        • Provide different sensory materials such as our sensory bases, beans, rice or natural items (e.g. gum nuts, mini pebbles) and allow children to scoop, transfer and pour into the cutouts.
          • Develops, improves, and refines motor skills.
          • Exposes children to a variety of tactile elements which is important to help them tolerate different sensory sensations.
            • Use the insert as a stimulus to explore different topics. For example the life-cycle of a sunflower or air transport.
              • Introduces research skills.
              • Allows children to make real world connections.
                • Use the inserts as a base to enhance small world play by adding props such as figurines, dolls, blocks etc.
                  • Encourages imagination.
                  • Promotes language development by describing their creations for example, what’s happening or what they can see.
                    • Allocate numbers to each cut out and challenge children to insert the required amount of objects.
                      • Introduces mathematical concepts.
                      • Improves and reinforces counting skills by using one to one number correspondence.
                      • Builds an understanding that numbers (word/symbol) represent a quantity.