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  • epic-kits-small-world-sensory-play-ideas-toddler-play-ikea-flisat-table-trofast-insert-felt-balls-flisat-table-inserts-australia-flisat-trofast-tub-inserts-sunflower-paint-diy
  • epic-kits-small-world-sensory-play-ideas-toddler-play-ikea-flisat-table-trofast-insert-felt-balls-flisat-table-inserts-australia-flisat-trofast-tub-inserts-sunflower-watercolour-paint-palette
  • epic-kits-small-world-sensory-play-ideas-toddler-play-ikea-flisat-table-trofast-insert-felt-balls-flisat-table-inserts-australia-flisat-trofast-tub-inserts-sunflower-watercolour-paint-palette
  • epic-kits-small-world-sensory-play-ideas-toddler-play-ikea-flisat-table-trofast-insert-felt-balls-flisat-table-inserts-australia-flisat-trofast-tub-inserts-sunflower-watercolour-paint-palette
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Sunflower Insert DIY Kit - Large

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Change up your little ones sensory small world play with our fun Flisat Table - Trofast Tub Inserts. Paint and decorate your Flisat Insert any way you like. 

Our Flisat Table - Trofast Tub Insert designs allow for imaginative open ended play whilst also developing their fine motor skills.


  1. Natural Trofast insert with watercolour paint pallet
  2. Natural Trofast insert with watercolour paint pallet and felt balls (18 pieces) bundle


  • Made from 4 mm ply wood.
  • Designed, cut and sanded by us!
  • Measures 40 x 28 cm and fits into the Large IKEA TROFAST Storage Box.
  • Items and colours may vary slightly and will not exactly match the photographs.
  • This listing is as listed in the options available. Additional toys, tools, accessories and the IKEA TROFAST Storage Boxes are not included. 


  • Some of our Flisat Table - Trofast Tub bundles consist of small parts and are to be used under close supervision of parents and caregivers. All products are recommended for children over 3 years of age.

Play Ideas



  • Insert felt balls into the cutouts.
    • Helps to build concentration skills.
    • Develops hand eye coordination.
    • Use tongs to pick up objects to insert into the holes.
      • Builds and strengthens small muscles in the hands that are required for things such as holding a pencil and writing.
        • Provide different sensory materials such as our sensory bases, beans, rice or natural items (e.g. gum nuts, mini pebbles) and allow children to scoop, transfer and pour into the cutouts.
          • Develops, improves, and refines motor skills.
          • Exposes children to a variety of tactile elements which is important to help them tolerate different sensory sensations.
            • Use the insert as a stimulus to explore different topics. For example the life-cycle of a sunflower or air transport.
              • Introduces research skills.
              • Allows children to make real world connections.
                • Use the inserts as a base to enhance small world play by adding props such as figurines, dolls, blocks etc.
                  • Encourages imagination.
                  • Promotes language development by describing their creations for example, what’s happening or what they can see.
                    • Allocate numbers to each cut out and challenge children to insert the required amount of objects.
                      • Introduces mathematical concepts.
                      • Improves and reinforces counting skills by using one to one number correspondence.
                      • Builds an understanding that numbers (word/symbol) represent a quantity.